Necessary Diversion

High Energy Rock Band for All Your Events

in Minneapolis-Saint Paul area

Looking for?

  • Upbeat, full dance band that never quits, playing hits from then & now

  • Focused genre performance such as 80’s only, classic rock, etc, to support your event theme

  • Lower volume, lighter set for that classy cocktail hour

Necessary Diversion delivers what you are looking for

We are able to supply all the sound equipment and mixing, light and video production, and even staging to transformed that empty room into an amazing live show. Being selective about where we perform and stressing quality over quantity, when we play, we keep the party going.

Come on out, and prepare to have a blast!

My friend said she felt guilty! She and I had way more fun listening to your band and dancing tonight than at her son's wedding!!- a fan

Lake Harriet 2021

Our fans say -

You guys were fabulous, it was a great concert. Thanks for entertaining us.

You guys were fantastic!! So much energy!! Love the sax too!!

Looked like you had a rockin’ good time as always!!!

You guys were amazing!!!

It was great fun! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

You all were SO FUN and SO GOOD!!!

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