Necessary Diversion

The Band YOU Want to Rock Your Event

We are YOUR BAND for HIT AFTER HIT from classic to current in the Upper Midwest!

Please, please, please hire the band "Necessary Diversion" again! They played on Memorial Day evening and made the opening of the concert season at Lake Harriet a festive celebration. 50 or more people were dancing and singing along and having a great time. All ages, all abilities and all colors were enjoying the music together after such a hard 14 months of pandemic. This band was really audience focused, fun, lively, interactive and clean lyrics! The perfect band for a holiday evening filled with picnickers!  
- a fan from Minneapolis, MN 

Our band IS a Necessary Diversion distinguished by our signature sizzling sax, soulful vocals, and bold entertaining performance style. We constantly engage with crowds, large and small, to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. With something for everyone, Necessary Diversion covers Modern-Rock, Dance, Alternative, Country and More!  







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Top cover photo credit to Stan Waldhauser. Thank you!